Welcome to the Sandwell Young Carers website COVID19 Update

Sandwell Young Carers continues to provide guidance and support to children and young people (aged 5-18) whose health, education and social lives have been affected as a result of caring for a dependent family member.

The initial aim of this site is to be able to offer guidance and support to young carers, their parents, and professionals whose work life may bring them into contact with young carers, directly or indirectly.

SYC Coronavirus Update:

We are aware that during the current crisis that young carers caring roles are likely to have increased, with little or no respite.  Our role in supporting young carers emotional well-being is now our key priority.

We have sadly suspended all Sandwell Young Carers group activities and home visit until further notice.  We are providing regular phone, text and online contact to all our young people and families instead.  Our staff are working from home and are available by email and mobiles.

You may wish to follow the links which describe you best, or telephone our support hotline which is currently 07802 492341 for young carers and their families. Either way our team is here to assist you as a young carer or with supporting a young carer.

We are continuing to receive new referrals and continue to offer guidance and support to professionals looking to support young carers. You can reach a member of the team on 07716 638845.

Thank you for taking the time to find out what is available to young carers and their family here in Sandwell.

Tracey Smith

Chief Executive Officer




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