The Young Carers Festival June - Southampton 

The Young Carers festival happens every year, in June, in Southampton. It is an event which Young Carers from around the UK attend, to get away from their caring responsibilities and meet other young carers.

It is a weekend dedicated to the young carers across the country. Every year, hundreds of acres of Southern Hampshire land are turned into an area of outstanding fun, memories and amazingness. Tented villages spring up, massive sound systems are installed, hundreds of tons of food and drink is delivered and we, build an entire radio station!

The YMCA or Young Mens Christian Association fund a run the Young Carers Festival. They are a huge organisation that have over 45 millions workers. Since 2000, YMCA Fairthorne Manor has hosted an annual festival for young carers in conjunction with The Children's Society. Here are a few experiences that some of the young carers have wrote about the festival.... "Many people were saying how good festival was and i didn't believe them until i got there and experienced it myself!" "There were many good things about the festival this year such as the weather being amazingly hot during the day and cool at night.

I made new friends who i hope to see next year. The silent disco was cool and it was funny listening to people sing without any music playing out loud. Bad points were the rave and DJ wasn't as good as last year and that i had to leave the people I met." "I really enjoyed my first festival and would love to go again.

I personally thought that it went too quick and should last longer. Going away with Sandwell Young Carers was fun and an amazing experience. The entertainment was fun and the bands were cool even though they kept playing the same songs over and over again. I wasn't impressed with the food though." "This years festival was awesome - i had a really great time, even though last years festival and bands were way better. I really enjoyed having a water fight with my mates - even though some idiot spilt orange juice on my head. I had great fun watching the tin soldiers - they rocked! Bring on next year!!!"