Sandwell Young Carers - Referral Criteria

Sandwell Young Carers works with children and young people aged 5- 18, whose lives are restricted by the need to take responsibility for a person who is either: chronically ill, experiencing a mental illness has alcohol and substance abuse related difficulties, has a physical disability, is elderly or infirm or is experiencing HIV/AIDS.

The person being cared for is usually a parent, but may be a sibling, grandparent, etc. The young person will usually be involved in the provision of care, either as a primary or secondary carer. It is recognised that the young person may be in need of a break from their caring role and someone to talk to or seek support from.

The young carers may be performing any of these caring responsibilities

  • Domestic duties - shopping, cleaning, washing, changing beds, cooking, ironing
  • Household management - paying bills
  • Nursing tasks, giving medication, tube feeding
  • Personal Care, bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding
  • Providing emotional support
  • Responding to demanding behaviour
  • Interpret for someone or help them communicate

The consequences of these duties on the young carer may lead to some of the following effects:-

  • Education - attendance, concentration, completion of school/homework & attainment
  • Health (physical and mental), e.g. inappropriate demands of heavy domestic duties, such as lifting; anxiety, stress as a result of experiences
  • Social Skills e.g. isolation, difficulty in establishing and maintaining friendships and pursuing recreational activities

If, after an Initial Assessment, the Assessment Panel considers that a referred child/young person is experiencing any of the effects above due to caring roles undertaken, then the child/young person will be offered a place at the Sandwell Young Carers Centre
Our aim is to:-

  • Work in partnership with parent/guardian to sustain their responsibilities and rights
  • Work in partnership with other voluntary and statutory agencies

We will offer Services that:-

  • Develop self-help support groups for young carers
  • Facilitate opportunities for young carers to have time for themselves, away from their caring responsibilities

In line with our Ofsted Registration, Sandwell Young Carers can only accept referrals with regards to children who are 5 years of age after 1st September. Unfortunately we are unable to support any child from birth to 31st August following their fifth birthday.

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2.2 Education - Is their education affected as a result of poor punctuality, absenteeism, poor grades, homework issues, bullying?
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2.3 Social Needs - Are their social skills affected in the way of making friends, taking part in after school clubs, low confidence, low self- esteem, inappropriate behaviour, keeping themselves safe?
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2.4 Is the child's life affected by poverty, such as housing issues, benefit entitlement for the cared for and the adult carer
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2.5 What are the 2 main presenting needs of the young carer? (please tick two)
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